Hambridge Homes Blog – Exploring Purley and Kenley

The Early Years of the 20th Century

As a new millennium dawned in 1899, Purley began to
flourish. The first of the Croydon Trams began servicing Purley in 1901, a
number of famous public buildings were founded, including the Society of
Friends in 1909 and around the same time, The Purley and District Cottage
Hospital was also built.

As Purley became an established residential area of Surrey,
The Kenley Airfields were built in 1917, known as RAF Kenley. It was actually a
significant site in the Battle of Britain when it was attacked in 1940.

Despite being a significant site during the war efforts, RAF
Kenley was closed in 1971 and many of the buildings have since been destroyed.
However, this has not been the end for Kenley. On the Contrary, The Kenley
Revival Project https://www.kenleyrevival.org/
has a number of resources and events to celebrate this fascinating history. Here
are some of our top picks.

Leisure and Hobbies

Kenley Common and Walking

Kenley Common is a wide expanse of green space covering 139 acres! You can simply wander the terrain and take in the countryside or if you want something a bit more structured, you can download one of the self-guided walks from the Kenley Revival website. Choose from nature or World War II.


Interested in finding out what it was like to fly in World
War II? You could join the The Surrey Hills Gliding Club to get a taste and find
a new hobby!

Volunteering and Charity

The Royal Airforce Association

Join the RAFA Porcullis Club, the local chapter to support
past and present RAF families. The Club meets regularly and also hold a number
of events including jazz nights, lectures and more!

SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity

You can get involved by volunteering or simply contact the
local branch at Caterham and Tandridge if you know someone who has served in
the armed forces and needs some support. The SSAFA can help with so many things
to make their lives better.

For Young People

Kenley Revival has started a new youth volunteering
programme for 16-18 year olds for one week in the summer holidays for young
people to use their skills and gain experience in archaeology, conservation, tourism,
project design and web design. You can find out more about future rounds from
the website.

There are events going on at Kenley throughout the year,
just check their website!

Did you Know?….

One of the most famous RAF Pilots, ‘Sailor’ Malan, a South African WW2 fighter pilot, is where our inspiration came from when naming the apartments. All around us we are surrounded by amazing histories so whilst the Malan Apartments boast our trademark modern and cutting edge style, there will always be homage to the legacies of those who came before us.

To find out about the Malan Apartments contact us at enquiries@hambridgehomes.com

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