Five Inspiring Ideas for your Garden

Hambridge Homes will be launching our unique Malan
Apartments in 2019. What makes them unique you ask? Each apartment comes with
its own private garden! Inspired by this, we decided to put together a list of
ideas to inspire you for your garden this summer.

“As this development is set in
large grounds, these have been divided and each apartment will get its own
self-contained plot. This is quite unusual for a block of flats, and adds much
valued green space to a greater London location.” Laura, Hambridge Homes

Whether you become a Hambridge Homeowner at the Malan
Apartments, at one of our other developments or you are just looking for ideas,
our handpicked list is here to help.


A Classic Vegetable Patch

What list would be complete without the classic vegetable patch?
Many a Londoner are now growing their own. Even if you are not ‘green fingered’
there are plenty of hardy, fool-proof plants. The website, Morning Chores has
loads of info to get you started!


A Little Corner of Herbs

If the idea of a whole garden to tend to is a bit
overwhelming, fear not! Why not dedicate a little patch to a micro garden of
herbs? Thyme and rosemary are really easy to keep and think how much you will
save when you don’t have to buy tiny packets at the supermarket, not to mention
cutting down on plastic waste.


A Flower Powered Space to Relax

If you appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, why not start
a new hobby and turn your garden space into a flower garden?


A Secret Hideaway for the Kids

Kids love to play in the great outdoors, using their
imagination to conjure magical world. You could give your kids a helping hand
and turn your green space into a kid-friendly oasis.


A Room of One’s Own…In the Garden!

London life can leave us little time to think. You could
create your own space by creating a ‘garden room’ where you can go to spend
time to do whatever you want to do, away from modern life. Reading a book,
crafting, building, anything you want.


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